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Electric Side Steps

High strength aviation grade aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance; High machining accuracy, moderate friction, smooth operation, no abnormal noise and small three- dimensional space motion trajectory, do not reduce the clearance from the ground.

Swing arm axial lubrication system, using imported non-oil self-lubricating bearings; High precision, high precision, low wear, long life, to ensure smooth operation in extreme environment.

Electric Side Step Fixed Assembly

High strength aviation grade aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength; According to the original 3d data of the original vehicle, after installation, it is naturally balanced with the structural parts of the original vehicle chassis and easy to install. Design reinforcing bars according to the principles of building engineering mechanics to minimize weight on the basis of sufficient strength.

Noise Protection Board

High-performance alloy steel, thickness 4mm, light weight, high impact strength, good toughness, anti-aging; According to the original design of the original car
chassis 3D data, after the installation of the original car chassis with a high degree of fit, Wind resistance balance sealed concept design, to maximize the car at the bottom of traffic noise, and can effectively protect the original car at the bottom of the components.

Make it easy for children or older to get on/off the car.
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