Protect the heart of your car. Drive with sense of security and confidence.

Orsen Shield

Car undercarriage protection Shield


Word No.1 Leading Brand


Customized shield for over 200 car models


2 years warranty


20 installation points through out Malaysia for full service

Product Features

World Class Technology

Shaped by U.S.A WDT Technology under high temperature

Special Formulated Material

Made By Modified Polyvinyl Chloride

Structure Stiffness Enhancement

Tough & Durable. Maximum Strength to stand Heavy Impact

Scientific Airflow System

Principal of Aerodynamics & Excellent Heat Dissipation

Perfectly  Protection

Orsen Shield fully covers the undercarriage exposed area.
Preventing any splash or impact onto the critical components of the car.

Product Details

Color: Black
Weight: Max 2.5- 3.5kg
Thickness: 5mm
Operating Temperature: -35°C to 130° (Heat Resistance)
The driver and Passenger Safety: In high-speed collisions, Orsen Shield Under Armor will give way, allowing the engine to sink automatically, thus avoiding injuries to the driver passengers.
Installation: Original Chassis Hole Plug and Play

4 Core Strengths of Orsen Shield


  1. Drive Real Safe and Risk-Free on Any Conditions of Road(Water Surface, Pot Holes, Objects)
  2. Clean Engine Compartment and Prevent Corrosion
  3. Provide Solid Protection and Cost Saving
  4. Protect Critical Components in the engine cabin who can simply cost you thousands of dollar$ (Engine, Gear Box, Electric Components, Sensors, Exhaust, and Belt)
  5. Guarantee Your Car Resale Value
  6. One Time Investment for your Car Whole Life Protection


  1. Reduce Noise
    Aligned Wind Flow to Eliminate Wind Turbulence and Vibration in the engine cabin.
  2. Enhance Cooling System
    Well covered car undercarriage lead the car radiator to function stronger.
    Theory: Hot Air Radiate Upwards, it will not dissipate from the car undercarriage and hot air trapped due to the air turbulence inside the engine cabin.
  3. Insulation
    Prevent The Heat From Ground penetrate directly in to the engine cabin.


  1. Reduce Aerodynamic Drag and Stabilize Car at High Speed
  2. Generate Down Force, Improve Stability and Grip for front Axle
  3. Energy Efficiency

Customized Fit For All Car

  1. Humanization Oil Door Position, Plug and Play Easy Installation
  2. User-Friendly for maintenance & service
  3. Precise customized to fit oil door position

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