The World Best Undercoating with extra value.

Orsen Stone Chip

Coats your chassis with a powerful layer of Orsen Stone Chip


entry level spec

sound proof spec

car solidity spec

full spec

Technical Specs

The Guarantee Benefits

Prevent car undercarriage corrosion caused by Acid Rain, Salt, Moisture, and Mud.

Rubberized Surface Eliminate vibration at the car underbody.
Excellent Sound Deadener and Reduce Road Noise effectively.

Fully Protect the car undercarriage from the damage and impact of gravel, stone or object from the road at high speed. Reduce in car maintenance cost .

With vibration eliminated & a solid car undercarriage improved driving stability & a firmer handling.

Under Seal the Joints and Gaps of the car body. Guaranteed Car Resale value.

Water Based Undercoat is heat resistant material. Thus a great insulation and not flammable.

Before and After ORSEN STONE CHIP

Construction Outcome

3 Layers at 4 Wheel Arch Fenders
FULL Car Undercarriage include Petrol Tank & Exhaust Curve

FINE & SOLID Rubberized Surface

Unique Discolor Feature
Easy Track the Dryness and Recognize Omission, thus save resources and cost effective.

Material Features

Water Based & Non Toxic

Imported material content elastic rubber and composite resin, zero toxicity to the environment.

High Density

Ensure high-density shielding, water, rust, acid, alkali, weather and wear resistance.

Provide Permanent Protection

ORSEN STONE CHIP was super durable and flexible. Thus, provide excellent protection.

Why Orsen Stone Chip


ORSEN Stone Chip is Water Based, Non-Toxic with VOC Certificate. Non flammable and a good heat insulator.

The Ordinary Undercoating was Flammable, Toxic, and Non Environment Friendly.


ORSEN Hidrotex possess High Purify of material, content Delicate and Uniform substance.

Ordinary Undercoating Material content rough texture and debris.


ORSEN Stone Chip fine rubberized surface guarantee perfect anti-rust and protection.

The ordinary Undercoating majority made by bitumen, tar, and inferior synthetic rubberized material. The outcome appears oily and powdery surface caused double-cost as sand and dust will be stick on the surface. Limited rust protection.

Orsen Stone Chip Introduction Video

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