When Comfort and Stability are your priorities in driving.

Premium Coil Spring Buffer

The World No.1 Leading Brand of Car Spring Buffer that is unanimously recommended by the majority of car enthusiasts.

The Guarantee Benefits

  • The Solution of weak suspension system
    A solid suspension system and maximize performance
  • Enhance car stability and safety
    Anti roll and more confidence while cornering. Shorten the braking distance
  • Greatly reduce in car bumpy effect
    Guarantee a more comfort and smoother ride instantly.
  • Prolong life of suspension system
    Prevent oil leaking reduce car maintenance cost
  • Material: Germany Imported SEBS
  • Spec: Transparent Pro & Yellow Power
  • Weight: 0.40gm
  • Car Model: 8 sizes to fit all car models.
  • Quantity: 1 set 2pcs

The World No.1 Creator and Innovator of Coil Spring Buffer

Premium Sebs Silicon Material

Durable and Product Life Above 5 Years

For All Car Models

Have you ever met this problem?

Exquisite Details & Perfect Technology

Why Orsen Premium Coil Spring Buffer?

1. Drive Safe & Comfort

Limits body roll and instability when cornering.
Shortens braking distance.
Reduces noise by lowering vibration of the car body.
Reduces Bumpy effects.

2. Significant Shock Reduction

Maximum stress resistance that effectively protects the springs suspension system whilst distributing the stress on the springs.

3. Increase Stability

Increase the stability of the car body during sharp turns, and while traveling over potholes, strong gripping force for added safety.

4. Car body Elevation

The shock absorption springs will weaken over time, the car body is Elevated appropriately to Prevent Abrasion on the chassis.

5. Increase Load Capacity

Increase the Compressive strength of shock absorption springs and increases the car’s Load capacity.

6. Maximum Performance

Resistant to wear, oil, cold, impact and ageing, and is able to provide more comprehensive protection for the spring and suspension system by effectively resolving the issues of springs weakening and hardening. Thus, Maximumize the performance of the suspension system.

7. Cost Savings

Ordinary shock absorbers cost over thousand dollars in the market and have a service life of around 4 years, the coil spring buffer can Extend their lifespan by 2 times, resulting in less energy and cost savings.

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