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Orsen Shield

Car undercarriage protection shield

An one time investment that you will never regret

Most car have their engine bottom and undercarriage exposed to all sorts of threats

Potholes, flooded roads, tiny pebbles and much more others

Orsen Shield will shield off all source of corrosion

Orsen Shield fully covers the undercarriage exposed area

Preventing any splash or impact onto the critical components of the car

Orsen Shield is made of polyvinyl chloride a.k.a PVC co-polymer, which is very durable and strong, not to mention having high heat resistance and high impact resistance.

Orsen Stone Chip

Coats your chassis with a powerful layer of Orsen Stone Chip

Best combined with Orsen Shield for the ultimate undercarriage protection

Undercarriage that are reinforced with Orsen Stone Chip are more sturdy and fortified

Imported material content elastic rubber and composite resin,
zero toxicity to the environment.

Ensure high-density shielding, water, rust, acid, alkali, weather and wear resistance.

ORSEN STONE CHIP was super durable and flexible.
Thus, provide excellent protection.

Easy Track the Dryness and Recognize Omission,
thus save resources and cost effective.

Orsen Coil Spring Buffer

Improve your suspension system

More stability and safety

We are always competing with others to create product with the best quality

Orsen Electric Side Steps

Heavy load? Too high

Getting up with ease, install these powerful side steps

High strength aviation grade aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion
resistance; High machining accuracy, moderate friction, smooth operation, no abnormal noise and small threedimensional
space motion trajectory, do not reduce the clearance from the ground

Active shaft design, imported 304 stainless steel, high precision synchronous multi-axis hydraulic forming,
make dimensional accuracy control in 0.01 mm shaft hoisting dynamic two-way synchronous swing arm,
telescopic flow balance, reduce the swing arm bearing wear

The shell is made of high performance alloy plastic material with good toughness and anti-aging.
The use of advanced OBD interface (CAN bus communication), does not destroy the original car line, safe and reliable control, longer service life.

High strength aviation grade aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength; Naturally balanced with the structural parts of the original vehicle chassis and easy to install. Reinforced bars according to the principles of building engineering mechanics to minimize weight on the
basis of sufficient strength

High-performance alloy steel, thickness 4mm, light weight, high impact strength, good toughness, anti-aging;
According to the original design of the original car
chassis 3D data, after the installation of the original car chassis with a high degree of fit, Wind resistance balance
sealed concept design, to maximize the car at the bottom of traffic noise, and can effectively protect the original car at
the bottom of the components.


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